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End-to End Research Services

We offer full agency comprehensive research services, from research design, implementation, reports, presentations, and action plans that help turn insights into opportunities.
We cover a wide spectrum of research areas, from brand positioning to customer satisfaction, providing data-driven solutions to fuel your business growth. We thrive on sensitive and complex topic areas.

Qualitative and Quantitative Research

We are skilled in using a wide range of both qualitative and quantitative techniques to delve deep into customer perspectives and unveil valuable insights. Our methods include focus groups, indepth interviews, surveys, intercepts, accompanied shops, workshops, online community forums, desk research and stakeholder engagement.

Ad Hoc Consulting & Mentoring

Seeking adhoc research support without committing to a full-time role? Or want to develop skills to better manage your own research projects? Our adhoc consulting services provide targeted expertise and support in areas like research design, developing internal capability so you can manage your own projects, and data analysis, like transforming your piles of customer feedback into meaningful insights you can action.

Performance Monitoring & Evaluation

Our professional services extend to program and service evaluations, across various public policy and community areas. Our expertise includes strategic reviews, evaluations, cost-effective analysis, developing program logics and capacity building to develop internal capabilities to support your projects.

We pride ourselves on applying research frameworks to business and marketing issues that help deliver insights that enable our clients to move forward more decisively with greater clarity and certainty.


We are genuinely curious people, passionate about understanding people's needs and facilitating positive change in organisations and individuals. Our passion drives us to deliver evidence-based insights that empower informed decisions and positive change.

We approach our work collaboratively and flexibly, with honesty, respect and a good balance of strategic, creative and pragmatic thinking. We have a strong work ethic and pride ourselves on delivering on our promises.

Our Team

Megan Price


Megan is lead consultant on all projects. She is a skilled researcher and evaluator who brings over 20 years of experience working with and for lead research agencies, commercial and NFP enterprises as well as all levels of government across a range of policy areas. She is skilled in both qualitative and quantitative methods, traditional and online methods, working all stages of research from design to debrief, and in working on often sensitive studies, large and small scale, for government.

Jason Davis


Jason has 20 years’ social research experience accumulated in Australia and the UK, including 18 years working with international market leader Kantar Public. He is skilled in the application of both qualitative and quantitative techniques across a wide variety of subject areas in the social issues arena.

Neil Stafford


Neil Stafford has 20 years’ experience as a researcher, managing and undertaking numerous social research and evaluation projects for local, state, and federal government clients as well as NGOs within the community and social services sector. He is skilled in both quantitative and qualitative research approaches with considerable experience undertaking projects utilising multiple methodologies

Daniel Griffiths


Daniel comes from a background in leadership consultancy and executive leadership and governance roles in the NFP and education sectors. He has strong people, business strategy and stakeholder engagement skills and a broad understanding of research methodology and practice through years of involvement with the industry.

Beyond our core team is an extensive network which allows us to take on projects of various size and scope.

We are Qualified and Trusted Research Partners



Thanks so much Megan. The depth of insights you obtained from the research was invaluable and exactly the types of things we were searching for.

- Sonia Huf, Griffith University


I just wanted congratulate you on your wonderful work. The report was laid out so logically and it flowed beautifully. I think (our clients) will be very pleased with the level of details, insights and recommendations.

- Natasha Jarrah, Sprout Research


Thank you again for your willingness to assist at the most ridiculous of timeframes. Your high quality work and ability to 'get it done' was pivotal!

- Raphael McQueenie, TNS Social & Government


That looks great! Thanks so much for your work... I'm so pleased to have had your expertise on this.

- Alysha Fleming, CSIRO


Many thanks for your outstanding report and facilitation. I really appreciate the depth that you have gone into in your report and the additional reporting that you have given me. You have raised some excellent points to develop product design #2 further.

- Liz Sweatman, KMSC


Thanks so much, EXTRAORDINARILY helpful. Problem now solved.

- Danielle Moeller, OBM Advertising

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