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Our story

For the past ten years Censeo Consulting (previously Megan Price Research) has been supporting businesses through honest and insightful research.

We repeatedly get commended on our research approach, by both the audiences we give voice to and the clients we serve. We believe this comes from our genuine interest in finding solutions, our respect for all types of people and cultures and our wide lense spanning diverse sectors and communities.
Having over 30 years combined experience working inside and alongside lead research agencies, private enterprise, academia, government and not-for-profit organisations also puts us in a unique position.

Our clients tell us that our dependability, depth of insight and engaging reporting style are some of the best they’ve seen and that our work helps positively transform the decisions, market standing and bottom lines of their business and/or their clients’ business.

Our Purpose

Our aim is to use our skills to deliver evidence-based insights that give voice to your audience in a way that engages you and your stakeholders and informs intelligent decisions that bring about positive change.

Our Approach

Our work is approached collaboratively and flexibly, with honesty, efficiency, ethics and a mix of strategic and creative thinking. We have a strong work ethic, deliver on our promises and fuel excellence through our passion for what we do.

Our Focus

We handle all types and scale of projects. We have in-house capability for both qualitative and quantitative research and regularly partner with other research experts when needed.

Some of whom our research has assisted...